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Offering for Mexico and presidential interview
September 19, 2009

Presentation of the offering for Mexico to the President of the United States of Mexico Dr.
Felipe Calderon and his wife, an OFFERING FOR MEXICO. Meeting in the Presidential Palace.


On September 19th 2009 an OFFERING FOR MEXICO
was given to the President of the Mexican nation,
Felipe Calderón Hinojosa.


On Sunday August 23rd of this year, pastors and members of Christian churches of the Federal District, metropolitan area, and states of Puebla, Guerrero and Hidalgo, who are under the spiritual authority of this Ministry, came together in Ciudad Satélite, Naucalpan to take part in a workshop of biblical teaching given by Daniel and Marta Cipolla.

At the time when the topic of finances in the Kingdom of God was addressed, the Holy Spirit clearly spoke through the prophet Daniel Cipolla stating that:

“…even though the current economic crisis is world-wide, it is affecting Mexico in a special and profound way. 

In order to offset this distressing reality, He urged us to prepare and dedicate an offering to the Lord Jesus Christ for Mexico with the intent of personally giving it to the President of the Nation, President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa so that as of the moment of this special offering, the Lord will destroy the power of the devastating spirit of this crisis and will work in a supernatural way on behalf of Mexico.

The Word of the Lord clearly spoke that this Apostolic Prophetic Ministry and all the local churches in the Mexican territory under the spiritual authority of this Ministry should participate in this extraordinarily special offering that will become a sign of the times as it will mark a beneficial change of direction in the country’s economy.

In order to diligently and urgently put into action the instruction given by the Lord, all of the local churches of the area previously mentioned and their pastors were called to come together so that on Sunday September 6th of the current year they could make their offering for Mexico.

Moreover, in the prophetic Word given on Sunday August 23rd of the current year, the Lord made clear that those responsible of personally taking this special offering to the President of Mexico was Daniel and Marta Cipolla, a task that was carried out together with the Pastors Roberto and Neus Torres.
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Panoramic view of the meeting held in Ciudad Satélite, on Sunday August 23rd, which was attended by pastors
and members of churches from cities across the nation that are under the spiritual authority of the Ministry.

The meeting was held on Saturday September 19th 2009 at 12:30 p.m. at the Presidential residence LOS PINOS in the Salón Blanco of the Miguel Alemán house.  Also present at the meeting in addition to the president, his wife, and the people previously mentioned was Mr. Alejandro Orozco who is the director of the INAPAM: “Instituto Nacional de las Personas Adultas Mayores”,  (National Institute of Senior Adults);  organization to which the President allocated funds from the OFFERING FOR MEXICO.

The Holy Spirit confirmed to us that the success of this divine appointment would depend on the simplicity and brevity of our words, consequently speaking no more than five minutes in our presentation.    Taking the previously mentioned statements into account, Daniel Cipolla spoke, who after thanking the President for having taken time out of his schedule to meet with us and introducing him to the Pastors Roberto and Neus Torres, explained to him simply and concisely who we are as an Apostolic-Prophetic Ministry and the work we do mentioning the pastors and churches of different countries that are under our spiritual authority.  Subsequently, he explained to the President that this would not be a typical meeting since we were not there with the intention of making a request to the government but rather to put something extraordinarily special in his hands that would be beneficial to the Mexican Nation.  Afterwards, Daniel Cipolla read a letter specially written for the President in which details were given about the prophetic word which initiated the OFFERING FOR MEXICO and about the pastors and churches that participated in it.

As the letter was being read, the President listened very carefully with a spirit of humility and modesty.

The letter was read without embellishment.  Daniel Cipolla handed the envelope with the letter and the offering to the President.  From this moment forward, the President spoke and expressed his deep thanks for this special event on behalf of Mexico commenting that in recent days, he was beginning to visualize the first upturn of the afflicted Mexican economy, which we know is directly related to the special offering that was given.  At this point in time, we could say that the meeting had “officially” come to an end.  However, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the President himself expressed a desire to spend more time with us.  For more than 20 minutes, all who were in attendance felt the freedom to dialogue and respond to many of his questions about us and how we came together to collect the offering with such unity and obedience since those who took part in it were people from many different places.  While we explained to him in more detail, we handed him a sheet of paper with a list of the churches that participated in the offering, which he in turn read carefully.

As the meeting came to a close, Daniel Cipolla received a Word from the Lord which he gave to the President.  The Lord told him that “…his name (President Calderón) would be like a sword stuck in the rock of Mexican history.  Before the end of his term, he would be guided to carry forth some of the most eminent changes for the nation of Mexico no matter what it might cost his  popularity since his only concern is the well-being of Mexico.” It is fitting to point out that the President received the prophecy with a humble heart expressing that he was perfectly willing to do so as he asked for strength to be able to bring forth these changes.

Taking into account that Daniel and Marta Cipolla are foreigners and not Mexicans according to their “earthly nationality”, one of the greatest impacts generated by the Lord in this meeting was that the President and his wife could see in a palpable way the true meaning of the Kingdom of God and love for all the nations regardless of the country they come from.  It was shown that as children of God, we have been ..” redeemed to God….. out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation. (Revelation 5:9b) and that what we feel for every nation on the Earth is not of “human or earthly nationalism” but of the very love of God poured out in our lives by the Holy Spirit.
Panoramic View of the Meeting that was held in the Miguel Aleman house.
From left to right: Mr. Alejandro Orozco, the wife of the President Margarita Zavala, Marta Cipolla, Daniel Cipolla,
the President Felipe Calderón, Neus Torres and Roberto Torres.

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