• As the Father sent me
  Intensive training seminar for the Church of Jesus Christ
  in Argentina. The ministry was led by
  Daniel Dardano, Daniel Cipolla and Hernán Cipolla.

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  Would you like to know how an apostle’s and a prophet’s
  authority works within the Church of Christ? Enter a
  profound study about the ministries of foundation.

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Hernán Cipolla
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September 26, 2015

Daniel and Marta Cipolla's extensive apostolic trip to the European nations of Spain, Italy,
and Sweden. Also with Jairo and Natalia Cipolla to different cities in Africa.


   Words for political authorities... Daniel and Marta Cipolla in an interview with the President of Mexico
   Felipe Calderón and his wife.


   With the mentality of the Kingdom... Listen to the song that defined the spirit of this spiritual meeting.
   You can see a complete report and a vast gallery of photos in the Events link.


   A roaring lion... t’s not a National Geographic documentary. It’s the video of a powerful message that will take
   your life to another spiritual dimension titled: “break the teeth of the roaring lion”.


   The Story of Nikhos...This book about a love story was performed and projected on 3 giant screens,
   and included music and an excellent set. Presented in Expocristiana, World Trade Center, México.

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The revelation that the Magi had of Jesus is in direct contrast to the image that the Church of today has of Him, which is derived from their message and what they preach. For many of them, Jesus still “remains a child,” but He is really “the King” and we must both recognize that fact and obey Him....

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