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Uniting continents
September 26, 2015

Daniel and Marta Cipolla's extensive apostolic trip to the European nations of Spain, Italy,
and Sweden. Also with Jairo and Natalia Cipolla to different cities in Africa.

“And they sang a new song, saying: You… have redeemed us to God by Your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation…” (Revelation 5:9, NKJV)

Everything changed!!! It’s crazy!!! And everything because of the tower of Babel!!!
Sometimes we dare to think that some things could be different, but the reality is completely different. However, the relevant thing is that when we allow the Lord to work, He is glorified and we can all agree on that. So, relax, we will explain ourselves. Firstly: what’s the topic? Did you ever think to yourself how amazing it would be if there were no language barriers? And yet, there it is, and everything is affected… but when we trust in the Lord all things are possible.

Through this retelling of events we will report on a part of what we lived as a kingdom team in the different nations (if we tried telling you everything, this report would be too long). As we go along you will see that we will move “in crescendo” as far as the overcoming of language barriers is concerned.


The ministerial tour started in a region where everyone speaks the same Spanish language, how simple!
We shared a beautiful time with our beloved Joaquin, Nuria, Andrea, Mariana, Otniel, and sister Mirtala. We were happy to see each other again, embrace each other, and feel the powerful presence of the Lord in our beautiful brothers. We were able to carry out an event of worship for the Lord, and we were joyful to be able to share a time in which the Holy Spirit gave a specific word for each one of them. The “THE POWER OF YOUR ATTITUDE” conference was imparted, and the participants were mostly the people to whom the Soto family has been sharing the Word all this time, and also some new people.
We know that the beautiful Soto family has been sent and established in these regions by the power of the Spirit to be like a lighthouse that reflects the light of Christ that dissipates all of the spiritual darkness. We declare that Valencia is a land that makes this plantation of seed of the Word grow, and it is a land that is impacted by the power and authority of the one who can do all things.


Jordi and Marisol Torres arrived in Modena with their children not too long ago, they still don’t have too many acquaintances and they still don’t speak Italian fluidly. So when the decision was made to call for an invitation for “THE POWER OF YOUR ATTITUDE” conference, it was a challenge of faith that the Lord was calling us to take on. The invitation would depend almost entirely on a radio spot that would run through a local station in Modena.
Before the time came around for the conference, we were standing like soldiers in line, Jordi, Marysol, Paula, Marcos, Emanuel, Daniel, Marta, and Christian Ferreyra (our brother in Christ who interpreted into Italian during the conference).
The comments that Jordi and Marysol had heard from people who had organized evangelism activities in the city were along the lines of: “you must organize things months in anticipation, nobody conforms to a schedule around here, you have to give Italians an appetizer so they will come to a conference.” The Lord truly surprised us, because the complete opposite happened: the people arrived at the hall before the start time, there was no appetizer, and the publicity only ran for a week before the event. The Lord was glorified through the word planted through the Spirit. Now we must all continue to pray for those who accepted the invitation and came to the conference, amongst them more than 20 people, ranging in age.
We clarify that it is easier to reach the Italians speaking Spanish than it is speaking English, but that wasn’t a barrier, because the Lord provided our brother Christian for us to translate to Italian and to ensure that the name of Christ be honored and announced in that city.
The word of God isn’t imprisoned, instead, it runs and bears fruit in that place through our brothers, the Torres family, which has been sent with the apostolic spirit. The Lord is over them like a Powerful Giant.


If there is one word that can define the brothers in Lund it is TRANSFORMATION. A popular proverb says “those who saw you and those who see you,” since the brothers and sisters we see there now are completely different, and we can perceive the manifestation of the Kingdom of God through their lives.
Aside from sharing quality time with pastors Teo and Roxana Tapia and being joyful of the fact that the Lord is opening doors, we were also able to carry out “THE POWER OF YOUR ATTITUDE” conference in the School of Economics campus. This was excellently interpreted into English by our sister Corin.
During the worship meeting we had on Thursday and Wednesday our sister Yadira interpret the teachings of the Word of God to Swedish and they were of much edification and a challenge to grow in the faith of Christ.
Towards the end of 2014 the most powerful neutron accelerator began to be built in the college city of Lund, Sweden. This is the European Spallation Source (ESS), a mega-machine worth almost two billion Euros, with an annual operational cost of about 15 million annually. With an expected date of 2023 to become fully operational, the accelerator will produce neutrons to study the structure and dynamics of the materials, which will allow for the improvement of motors and nano-technological products, to understanding diseases like Alzheimer’s. Aside from having certain specific objectives, Marco Aurelio Diaz, an academic at the Physics Institute of the Catholic University, adds that the ESS can do very precise things.
Such as activities biological studies require. The accelerator amongst other things will be able to measure the passage of drugs or medicine through a cell membrane. On the physics realm, the ESS will allow the study of neutrons, which among other things will be able to enlighten about the creation of fundamental particles behind the occurrence of the Big Bang or massive supernova explosions.
What the scientist Marco Diaz is saying shows that one of the objectives of the MAX IV Center will be to affirm that creation is a product of the “Big Bang” and not a work of God as creator. Together with pastors Tapia, we went to this center to intercede and declare what God established in His word: “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their own craftiness” (1 Corinthians 3:19, NKJV)         


Remember when we said that everything done was “in crescendo” as far as languages goes?
We started with Spanish, followed up with Italian and Swedish, and of course the unavoidable English. Well after leaving Sweden behind, and saying goodbye with a “see you soon…” we transferred to Africa to face the Swahili language. After hitting every possible layover, we arrived in Qatar; we joined Jairo and Natalia Cipolla there, what a journey! We break here to thank our brothers and sisters with all our hearts for their prayers because we could truly feel the strength from their prayers in the Spirit at all times.

This was the third apostolic trip to Africa. Now a new opportunity to confirm the work of the Lord and his purpose in the African continent and His church there. In this case, since it was a bit of a different trip from the previous ones because we dedicated ourselves to ministering the Word to the church in Tanzania, and being able to see the hunger our brothers and sisters have for the Word of God and a greater revelation.

The Apostolic-Prophetic seminar took place on Thursday the 8th and Friday the 9th of October in the city of Morogoro. The Lord spoke to His ministers about the importance of understanding that we were created with a main purpose: to live in His presence and be free of any spirit of religiosity. Marriages and families should be walking in unity of spirit and mind, under the direction of the Lord so that in this way the church can develop in the power of the Spirit of the purpose that the Lord commended.

About 210 pastors attended the seminar from different places in Africa, some even traveled for two days on the road to participate. The closest region some pastors came from is 160 miles away from Morogoro, the furthest about 625 miles.

We are joyful for the responses the pastors from so many different cities had, and we could notice that they were truly hungry to receive what the Spirit wanted to impart and form in them, they received it with a humble heart.

Some of the cities the different pastors came from are: Dodoma, Arusha, Kigoma, Kahera, Mbeya, Muanza, Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Pwani, Iringa, and Singida. We pray and declare that the message and the Word that each pastor received may reach these cities to be established and bring transformation to the life of the Church.

On Saturday, October 10th, we had a meeting to which all the congregations in Morogoro were invited. The Word that the Holy Spirit brought was about untying God’s hands by learning to do the supernatural to receive supernatural things from God. During this opportunity we saw the response from brothers and sisters to the Word and felt the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. We know that the Lord will bring transformation within everyone so they no longer see themselves as needy, and instead see themselves as they in Christ: blessed to bless others.

That Saturday evening we traveled to the city of Dar es Salaam (about a 6 hour drive from Morogoro) to minister in a congregation the following morning. When we reached the place where the congregation was located, the first thing we noticed was a place filled with brothers and sisters that worshipped the Lord genuinely with all their hearts, in an extremely poor and precarious meeting place. The Lord spoke about faith there, speaking about the Canaan woman, and how she overcame her faith trial by not focusing on the circumstances and instead placing her sights on Jesus, believing that he could liberate her daughter. This is how the Lord spoke to the brothers and sisters in this congregation in the great city of Dar es Salaam, about not focusing on their circumstance and instead seeking Him to activate the faith of the Son of God in their lives.

We left Africa that Sunday evening, thanking the Lord for the work we know is being done, and for every word and seed planted in this trip.

The week after this we received a letter from pastor Philemon Brighton, who coordinated all the activities in Tanzania, informing us of the comments he received from the pastors that attended the seminar and their appreciation for it:

“Dear Daniel Cipolla and Conquering Generation, I am pleased to write this letter to you to express my thanks as well as representing regards from so many Pastors who were able to attend the conference which was held here in the Morogoro region in Tanzania, Africa on October 8th to October 11th 2015.

This seminar was amazing because Pastors came from all over Tanzania to attending this event, I believe God has brought them all so that they would hear and test the truth left behind by traditional churches here in Africa.

We have so many churches in Africa but most are affected by cultural influence, few churches understand how to walk in the Spirit.

Many Pastors are preaching about offerings and giving, but they don’t portray the meaning of the church and how God edifies his church on earth.

This seminar has brought great transformation to Pastors, churches and believers in Tanzania, even though most Pastors have to travel and find a place for their accommodation while they are here in Morogoro, God helped them to afford the expenses. We pray that these teachings will bring Transformation for their ministries and Churches in Africa.

Many Pastors here are real living in poverty depending on offerings and tithes from the believers. Most churches work under Bishops with no apostolic authority and this could be a reason to organize an Apostolic and Prophetic seminar, the Bishops do not really support the village churches instead they demand offerings from them. Most Bishops work with the churches just as an organization and not defining the church as a vessel of God, established by God and to represent God on earth as His ambassador.

Many Pastors have extended families and many children; it is easy to find
Pastors having between 5 to 8 children, but they do not involve their wives and families in the ministries or church activities because of the church’s traditional system that believes that men are the only ones called to do the work of the kingdom.

Pastor’s wives and families are being involved since this mentality has started to change since Dr. Daniel Cipolla started to come to Africa to preach the truth about how God works with the church compared to matrimonial life between wife and husband. This is why in this seminar we had many women Pastors who came to the event.

Below I transcribe some messages from some of the pastors that attended the seminar: Pastor John Mwamboneke of Mbeya:
“Thank you Pastor Phil for organizing this seminar that was filled with teachings of revelation and knowledge of the Holy Spirit”

Pastor Malekela of Dodoma:
“I wish this seminar had lasted a week because the preaching was of the Spirit, no human or theological ideas”

Pastor Sebuge from Kigoma:
“Pastor Phil, we thank God for using Daniel to open our spiritual minds and taking us to the origins of the Church of Jesus”

Pastor Manase of Morogoro:
“Pastor Phil, I am very blessed and changed into God’s transformation”


When we see the testimony of the Spirit that has started in Tanzania, we cannot be anything but happy and declaring that his transformation will be perfected by the one that started it, Jesus Christ. We know that we will see transformation, spiritual as well as physical, in our next apostolic trip to Africa.

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